Our history

The story of Paoloni begins at the end of the 1960s, in the back of the Paoloni house in Pesaro and like many Italian companies, it was born from the grandfather of the current owner: Mr. Onelio Paoloni who after work (he was a worker in a large industrial company Pesaro) closed in his garage and created the first machines for sawing construction timber using only a welding machine and a hand iron saw. Spartan but sturdy and well-conceived machines that he then sold to construction companies that were creating the well-known Italian miracle.

Start up: 1978-2001

Paoloni Onelio founded PAOLONI ONELIO & FIGLIO SNC in 1978 with his son Gastone and the basis for the first production of 100% made in Italy machines made entirely in Pesaro: the first machines were equipment used in construction and road yards. The number of models increased every year, diversifying its production in the construction site with saws for bricks and wooden planks, but above all concrete polishers for concrete and machines for cleaning the formwork plywood sheet and panels. This last type of machines has been and still is for over 40 years the symbol of Paoloni history, a source of pride and coherence that led Paoloni in 2020 to be the first company in the world to produce this type of machines still in business, machines that are still sold throughout Europe.

Paoloni Machinery
PAOLONI ONELIO in 1960: on his house garage, during the night, first steps of Paoloni company

From 1980 the construction machinery was accompanied by the development of models of machines for cutting asphalt and compacting concrete (helicopter smoothers and vibrating plates for beton and ciment floor compaction). At its peak, Paoloni produced up to 2500 machines a year.

Paoloni Machinery
PAOLONI GASTONE, ONELIO'S SON, IN 1980 during Expo SAIE in Bologne (Italy)

Company first restyle 2001 - 2018

Paoloni has never succumbed to the lure of purchase proposals by industrial groups, keeping the property firmly in the hands of the Paoloni family, and with the entry into the company of Andrea Paoloni, the third generation of this family-run company, begins in 2001 the international development of the Paoloni commercial network, with results that within a decade lead to the sale of machinery produced in Pesaro all over 70 different countries worlwide, opening distribution channels in Oceania, the United States and Latin American countries . The diversification of the markets marched with the production of a new range of machines dedicated to the processing and painting of wood.

Paoloni Machinery
Young Andrea Paoloni with grandfather Onelio during an international fair exposition
Paoloni Machinery
Barbara (Andrea's syster – Administrative manager), Gastone and Andrea Paoloni ina picture from 2007

The new Paoloni story 2018 - ...

The modern history of Paoloni sees the renunciation of the production of many machines due to a very far-sighted decision: to interrupt company growth in the name of process optimization. Narrow the product range to focus more on customers and the after market, following each customer directly.

In fact, the main feature of the company management was the strong decision not to have resellers or distributors all over the world but only where they could guarantee a real advantage for the end customer and not an intermediation cost. This has allowed the Paoloni brand to make itself known how to react to every request, with precise and immediate technical answers, telephone and online assistance capable of always responding within 12 hours of the request and a direct sales service that has facilitated the level of rates. customers. Paoloni production remains almost artisanal, which is why deliveries must comply with accurate manufacturing times and refined in detail.

We have a production site of 1,500 square meters covered and 3,000 square meters of open space, a test area of ​​150 square meters to show our machines in operation to visiting customers from all over the world, a machinery painting area and 7 assembly and processing stations intermediates on which few but highly specialized operators alternate capable of covering all production functions so that they can be interchangeable with each other or work together in case of need. This has allowed a streamlined and dynamic organization of the production phases of the machinery as opposed to the industrial dynamics that have not always benefited the economy of small and medium-sized Italian companies.

Remain easily manageable in size and become virtuous to lower costs and overcome any crisis. This is the new slogan set by the Paoloni family for the future.

Paoloni Machinery
PAOLONI complete staff in 2019

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