Formwork panel cleaner model Paoletta verticale maxi

Formwork panel cleaner model Paoletta verticale maxi

Floor and wall concrete formwork panel cleaner machine for phenolic plywood system

With this larger version of our “top of the range” machine, Paoloni has created the answer to any need of cleaning concrete on panels and sub-measures boards and tables used on wooden formwork systems.

In fact there's an increasing demand from many countries around the world, especially from South America, for equipment able to clean boards and wooden panels used in concrete formworks with size and dimensions different by standard 500mm of width. So Paoloni working on the best and most performing of his machines (the PAOLETTA VERTICALE) has created a taller and strong Maxi version able to clean and scraping the formwork panels by the concrete up to size of 750mm width.

Obviously, the complex and ingenious vertical adjustment system allows you to perfectly clean and oil on 4 sides with release oil any size of triply panels: whether they are formwork panels or boards for wall and floor concrete system, the crumbling rollers and the combined effect of scraper knives and motorized dusting brushes allow a perfect cleaning and restoration of your formwork. You can use Paoloni panelcleaner machine for three layer wood painted panels and also to clean phenolic triply with a protective film.

La Paoletta Maxi also lends itself to customizations and special requests, so write to us at for your specific needs and panels dimensions.

Technical features

Number of crumbling rollers: 2 horizontal + 2 vertical
Number of scraper blades: 6 horizontal + 6 vertical
Number of motorized rotating brushes: 2
Number of oil cleaning rubbers: 2
Number of vertical oil rollers: 2
Machine dimensions in the working phase: 2950 / 880 / 1550 mm
Weight: 348 kg
Motor power (single-phase / three-phase): 0,75 Kw / 1HP
Pump power (single-phase / three-phase): 0,11 Kw
Cleaning speed: 950 ml/h
Min / max thickness: 22 / 37 mm
Min / max width: 60 / 750 mm
Oil tank capacity: 30 liters
Sound emission level: 74 dB


Spiegazione e uso della PAOLETTA VERTICALE MAXI


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