Coating machine for wooden profiles Perlina

The Paoloni machine for impregnating laminated wood and solid planks Perlina model was born in 2004 as the first construction site machine for automatically impregnating spruce matchboards and small wooden beams and brackets. It was a compact and smart machine, fully automatic, projected to impregnate construction timber on site and mount it immedialty after coating.

The evolution of the Perlina reaches its third generation with this machine, which summarizes the best of the experience gained on small wood treatment machines to apply impregnating agents, fungicides and water or solvent based finishing sealers.

Perlina is also able to work very well as an oil coating machine for outdoor woods such as decking in exotic essences.

Technical features

Machine dimension: 1500 (5000*) X 860 X 1135 mm
Machine weight: 230 (280*) Kg
Speed: 960 mt/h
Installed power (three-phase): 0,89 Hp
Min length: 800 mm
Width (min-max): 25 / 240 mm
Thickness (min-max): 8 / 100 mm
Max power absorption: 3.42 A
N.° of Engines: 3
Motorized rotating brushes: 2
Foam application rollers ** : 2 + 2
N.° gear brushes: 5 piccoli (oppure 2 grandi)
N.° of Nozzles: 8

*weight and size including roller conveyors supplied

**optional rollers: neoprene, rubber, sponge, mohair

Why prefer a Perlina to a large impregnation tunnel

Lot of plus are invinting our customers to buy a Perlina machine: the speed of cleaning and color change of the machine (today totally Teflon coated with non-stick system which prolongs its working life and improves its ease of cleaning), the speed of setting and changing the size of the wooden element to be painted, the simplicity of use and adjustment make this machine the optimal solution for impregnating or oiling or waxing small wooden elements such as brackets and matchboards, up to dimensions of 8X20 cm. In addition, the Perlina Paoloni is projected to work even on one side only, on two opposite sides at the same time or to impregnate 4 sides of the wood profiles in a single coat.

It is a machine that many of our customers have owned for 15 years (some have even bought 2 or 3 units during the years) and also when the need to increase production require to buy a bigger impregnation tunnels made by Paoloni, they never give up keeping this bright and compact machine as a backup aid.

Optional version 2022: perlina timber staining machine with double adjustement on finishing brushes presssure

Two 1700mm guides each, to support long and heavy profiles (included in the machine cost)

The two 1700mm roller conveyors are included in the cost of the machine and allow you to easily support and slide wooden profiles with a length and a weight that is difficult to manage, so that the machine body is not overloaded by their weight and the overall dimensions are less annoying in insertion of profiles and extraction operation. Each roller conveyor has non-stick nylon rollers along their entire length, side-adjustable bulkheads according to the thickness of the profile. The chassis of conveyors we supply with Perlina machine included in the net price of the machine are totally protected by a galvanized treatment.

Perlina Paoloni wooden profiles equipment for coating painting staining finishing and coloring

Optional airless diaphragm pump

PAOLONI supplies its machines with anti-deflagration electric pumps with turbine pigment mixer to avoid color suspensions. On request, diaphragm pumps can be mounted: that optional pump avoid the heating of the product in case increasing its temperature risks alternating its viscosity (as in the case of oils and waxes or solvent dyes).


How to set up the perlina machine

White paint application on soft fir boards

Brown impregnating water based application

Perlina machine at work in Austrian Paoloni customer's warehouse

Paoloni wire brushing machine and PERLINA painting machine at work in Costa Rica (South America)

Perlina Paoloni oiling machine at work on charred Shou Sugi Ban timber

Oiling exotic timber decking wood

How to clean Perlina machina

Total teflon no stick treatment

Staining treatment of solid timber profiles

Perlina after work of application of a white paint on wooden beams for blockhouse construction

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