Impregnating machine for the treatment of wooden profiles and laminated beams Tunnel 320

Upgrades 2024 for the tunnel 320 impregnating machine

The Paoloni Tunnel320 machine received for 2024 some technical innovations to reach a smart use and higher precision adjustment in the application of impregnating stains and finishing products for wooden beams and solid timber profiles. In this video we present the innovations created thanks to relationship with our customers after sales and following their own suggestions

Tunnel 320 is the top of the Paoloni's automatic painting and pre-finishing machine's range for processes of laminated beams staining and solid wood profiles coating used for construction of bio-architecture houses and wooden structures as gazebo and pergolas.

Thanks to its innovative indirect impregnation system, which is obviously added to the classic flow coating system by direct spraying of the product on the wooden profiles, it is possible to apply high viscosity finishing products for wood, UV protective sealer and fungicide protective stains, but also products with a high capacity of color coverage and intense pigmentation. The hybrid system of indirect roller application consists of a precise and repeatable application of the quantity of paint or impregnating agent applied to each side of the wooden profile, and finally a group of 5 motorized brushes ensures a perfect surface finish.

If desired, it is always possible to use the option of spraying the treatment liquid directly on the wood, simply by disassembling the application rollers and operating in direct flow coating.

The 5 motorized finishing brushes, adjusted at the right pressure and pressed against the wood, are spinning and rpm speed under control. Variable inverters allow to change rotating direction of stain finishing brushes or spinning direction of rotation: it is possible to regulate how much paint spread on wood elements and how much to take off of the wooden surfaces: application rollers apply always trhe same quantity per square meter and coating process will be perfectly repetitive on the wood, giving always the same color if you apply a colored stain or a paint. Removing the application rollers you can operate sprying the finishing product directly on wooden surfaces, and finishing brushes wil take off the not necessary extra paint excess and put it in filtered recirculation.

The easy disassembly of the brushes and the system connected to the pump allow quick cleaning and a color change in no more than 20 minutes at the end of the process.

Technical features

Machine size: 2850 X 1300 X 2000 mm
Machine weight: 950 Kg
Adjustable speed: 5-42 mt/min
Installed power (three-phase including inverter): 6,9 Hp
Min length: The machine is designed for long straight profiles and wooden elements but on request it is also possible to customize the Tunnel320 with median traction rollers that guarantee the dragging of profiles starting from 650mm in shortest length (and less if necessary)
Width (min-max): 10 / 320 mm (up to 420 mm optional)
Thickness (min-max): 10 / 320 mm (up to 420 mm optional)
N.° of Engines: 6
Motorized rotating brushes: 5
N.° of Applicator rollers: 4
N.° of Nozzles: On request it is possible to mount compressed air blowers to purge and clean irregular profiles from excess liquid (tongue-groove, milling stripes, tilted cuts etc.)

Tunnel 320 model

Tunnel 320 Paoloni wooden fencing cladding shiplaps and beams treatment coating staining machine

Profiles coater Tunnel 320

Impregnating rollers groups

Traction rollers and no gear counter roller pressor

Airless pneumatic powerfull pomp 48 liters/minute and dedicated nozzles

Front cover ad security bottons

Finishing PPL brushes and inverters controls for speed and spinning direction

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