Wood shuttering panel cleaner machine model Paoletta verticale

Wood shuttering panel cleaner machine model Paoletta verticale

The "Paoletta Verticale" represents the top of the Paoloni production, with performances of absolute cleaning speed.

The versatility of this wood panel cleaner focuses on the semi-automatic adjustment system to clean on 4 sides contemporary concrete formwork boards and shuttering panels: they can be scraped off the concrete and cleaned and oiled the sub-sizes of standard 50 cm wide and 27 mm thick.

A crank-operated vertical adjustment system allows to adjust the pressure of the crumbling rollers and cleaning blades on the narrow sides of boards and panels.

Finally, the motorized brushes take off dust of crumbled concrete leaving the surface of the panels ready for the subsequent application of release oil.

The shuttering oiling takes place in a separate box to not mix cement powder and oil, so that the nozzles, powered by a powerful electric pump, adjustable in direction and pressure, can apply the release oil uniformly. Polyurethane foam rollers ensure that the oil penetrates regularly over the entire surface of the wood, preserving its life and duration over time.

Finally, solvent-resistant rubber blades discharge excess oil from the panels and boards and put it back into the filtered circulation.

The oiling box can be controlled from the outside thanks to a side door and the cleaning of the tank is facilitated by a handy aluminum cap located in the lower part of the frame.

The faster machine in the world: able to clean and oil 4 sides up to 400 panels in one hour!

Technical features

Number of crumbling rollers: 2 horizontal + 2 vertical
Number of scraping blades: 6 horizontal + 6 vertical
Number of motorized rotating brushes: 2
Number of oil cleaning rubbers: 2 horizontal + 2 vertical
Number of vertical oil rollers applicator: 2
Machine dimensions during work: 2950 / 880 / 1200 mm
Machine weight: 298 kg
Motor power (single-phase / three-phase): 0,75 Kw / 1HP
Pump power (single-phase / three-phase): 0,11 Kw
Cleaning speed: 950 ml/h
Min / max workable thickness: 22 / 37 mm
Min / max workable width: 60 / 500 mm
Release oil tank capacity: 30 litri
Sound emission level: 74 dB


Watching Paoletta inside


Paoletta Maxi version to clean panels width extra size up to 750mm

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