Wood and timber Impregnating machines

Impregnation systems for wooden boards and matchboarding, automatic varnishers for wooden elements and beams, machines for the treatment of wooden lamellar profiles for roofs and building constructions.

Paoloni Onelio & Figlio has been a point of reference for years in the construction and sale of coating systems for parquet, oiling lines for wooden floors. We produce coating machinery for the impregnation of construction timber beams, automatic systems to oil decking timber for outdoor platforms and wood brushing machines for parquet, beams and solid construction wood. In recent years we have focused on a wide range of automatic machines for the treatment of wooden floors and beams as well as machinery and systems for the processing of elements for wooden carpentry and the construction of gazebos and canopies in eco-sustainable material.

The staining machines Paoloni are able to guarantee a perfect impregnation, on four sides at the same time and in a single pass. Our machinery are suitable for any woods: spruce matchboards, pine boards, larch planks, rough boards of any exotic decking essence and even large beams dimensions in solid wood or laminated plywood used in the construction of wooden houses and in bio-architecture and green building.

The range of paoloni impregnating machines is complete and allows to satisfy every need: the most compact machines for use on construction sites or in small laboratories, and impregnating machines for industrial use as well, capable of processing large quantities of wood quickly and efficiently.
The first machine of the paoloni impregnating series was born in 2004 and was dedicated to the impregnation of wooden elements with a constant profile of small dimensions such as strips and beads or chestnut and fir matchboardings for wooden roofs. Over time we have developed a range that includes the tunnel320, a machine for industrial use with significant load capacities and high-level processing speeds for the finishing treatment of large quantities of wooden roofs on prefabricated houses in green building. Each impregnation machine produced by Paoloni guarantees a deep and uniform and high quality treatment, aesthetically perfects and with wood high performance of protection. Our ranger fof coater machines for wood and timber guarantee the wood impregnating production with high pigmentation covering effects and high quality standards. Our impregnating machines work either with a direct spray system, or with the so-called flow coating system: a continuous flow of impregnating liquid on the wooden elements and on the matchboard profiles allows the wood to be completely covered by the protective sealer. The wooden surfaces are finished with rotating brushes that allows stains to penetrate deep iin the wooden grains, and a complete system of filtered recirculation allows the reuse of the excess product that drips into the collection tank of the machines and is filtered and then reused without waste.

The Paoloni machinery for the treatment of construction timber also works with an innovative indirect impregnation system thanks to the function of applicator rollers that are able to spread exact and repeatable quantities of wood color over each one of the 4 sides of profiles.

High pressure pneumatic pumps can also be used in the wood treatment chamber as an alternative to the functional electric pump with anti-deflagration system, so as to feed adjustable spray nozzles to carry out painting treatments of the beams and the matchboard with the classic spraying technique.

The impregnating solution for wood is then precisely sprayed directly onto the wood surfaces inside a varnishing spray chamber. Profiles then moves on to the finishing section of our machinery by rotating polypropylene motorized brushes that guarantee a uniform application of the color and a deep penetration of treatment on every wooden grain.

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