Formwork panel cleaner model Paolina

Formwork panel cleaner model Paolina

The "Paolina" is a historic machine of Paoloni production, on the market for 28 years, with over 8,000 units produced and sold throughout Europe.

Paolina is the ideal solution for cleaning 50cm wide wooden formwork panels, and can also clean without problems the two visible faces of the formwork boards and the 25 and 35cm wide sub-measures.

Furthermore, Paolina has crumbling rollers, double blades on each side, dusting brushes and an automatic system for applying and finishing the release oil.

An entry level of great strength and absolute quality!

Technical features

Number of crumbling rollers: 2 vertical
Number of scraping blades: 6 horizontal + 4 vertical
Number of dusting brushes: 2
Number of oil seal rubbers: 2 horizontal + 2 vertical
Machine dimensions at work: 2730 / 780 / 1040 mm
Weight: 225 kg
Motor power (single-phase): 0,75 Kw / 1HP
Pump power (single-phase): 0,11 Kw
Cleaning speed: 780 ml/h
Min / max thickness workable: 22 / 37 mm
Max width workable: 500 mm
Release oil tank capacity: 30 liters
Sound emission level: 74 dB

Paoloni supplies machines all over the world with customized colors (on optional request)


Paolina machine at work in a construction yard

How Paoloni machine clean wood yellow panels

Paolina machine at work on a construction yard

Advantages of Paolina Paoloni machine

  • Panels dragged by motorized grooved driving rollers.

  • Solid metal liquid collection tank with aluminum cap bottom to facilitate emptying and cleaning.

  • Double-sided and double-sided tilting and self-adjusting scrapers for perfect cleaning of the edges and to ensure maximum cleaning on the dirty sides of concrete even in the presence of deformations of the panels and its protective coating.

  • Customization of the dragging panels that adjusts the scraping pressure according to your cleaning needs.

  • Micrometric thickness adjustment with threaded bar and worm screw to compensate for all measurements and sub-measurements.

  • Mobile mouth and front exit guide for movable panels that rotate to compact the Paoloni machine during work stoppages and for moving.

  • Low voltage and single-phase electric controls according to current regulations and minimum hourly electricity consumption.

  • Paoloni construction site cleaners comply with the design and construction criteria necessary to meet the regulations and safety requirements of the current Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EEC.

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