Old bricks cleaner Robot

"Paoloni Puliscimattoni": a multifunctional stone, tiles and old brick cleaner.

MACHINE FOR CLEANING OLD BRICKS to save, restore, recover and resuse in old houses to be renovated on sustainable construction and demolition yards.

Did you plan to reuse old bricks after a demolition on your construction yard for a new masonry work? That machine is the answer you were looking for since long time to save strenght, time and money!
For years you went on still with a hand and manual job, you had to chisel cement residues from the bricks laboriously, wasting valuable time.

PULISCIMATTONI PAOLONI is fast, efficient and user-friendly.

Paoloni invented 20 years ago the first patented machine that uses the micro-vibration system, absolutely compatible with safety regulations, to recover old bricks, clean cement tiles from mortar and scrape cement from stones, bricks and tiles after dismounting old farmhouses. Thanks to the PAOLONI PULISCIMATTONI mortar scraper automatic machine you can clean and reuse old bricks and natural stones in order to restore and reuse them, or restore the roof tiles of old country houses or farmhouses to be installed again as brand new.

Paoloni Puliscimattoni works like a scalpellina but without breaking old and fragiles bricks thanks to soft vibration in place of beating chisels.

Technical features

Machine dimensions: 630 x 700 x 920 mm
Machine weight: 70 Kg
Engine power: 0.25 Kw SINGLE-PHASE (220 v / 50 Hz) (optional three-phase motor on request)
N.° Chisels: 1 small chisel (high incisiveness), two medium chisels and a wide blade chisel + 1 vibrating brush

Let the machine do the work!

The Paoloni machine takes advantage of the vibrating system mounted on springs assembled on rubber supports that dampens the vibration frequency, transfering the cleaning capability to scrapers. Special metal chisels peaks, produced expressly for Paoloni PULISCIMATTONI machine, unstick and crumble the cement without breaking or scratching the bricks, giving them back the natural appearance of the past and making them usable again. The BRICK CLEANER is an old brick automatic scraper absolutely safe and has no contraindications, it is not dangerous for operators and cannot cause damage to the hands thanks to an ingenious and absolutely non-aggressive, but deeply effective system.

Using the incorporated vibrating system the chisels of the machine effortlessly detach and erode the existing cement/mortar without breaking the oldest of bricks. Wire finishing brushes clean the brick surfaces to re-instate their former natural glory to appear as they did when they were handmade years ago

The machine for cleaning old bricks produced by Paoloni is similar to an automatic chisel, but instead of having knocking and dangerous chisels for the operator's fingers which risk being crushed between the chisel and the brick, our machine acts through the micro-vibration.
Special steel chisels and steel blades, which keeps the wire always alive and are easily interchangeable and double-sided last long time (each knife has a double life simply by turning it on itself). The metal thin blade with its micro-vibration acts at the point of contact between the brick and the cement concreteness, which do not sticks to 100%, so that vibrating chisel of the brick cleaner meets the weak space between the two materials getting an easy detachment.
Often it is enough to damage the adhesion between a few millimeters of mortar and the old brick and all the concreteness to be cleaned up easily jumps away on its own.
PULISCIMATTONI machine has 4 useful sides, the old brick cleaner can also accommodate two or three operators at the same time, one on each side, taking into account that a fourth side only mounts a vibrating steel brush for the possibly necessary dusting operation: in fact many old recovery bricks have only a veil of dry lime and the brush is enough to recover them.

The other chisels have different width and therefore incisiveness: one small chisel gives the more intense vibration and therefore it is suitable for harder materials and strongly attached to the brick or old stones.
It has been demonstrated that 2 operators can clean up to 1000/1500 bricks per day depending on the size of the bricks of course.

Serie of 12 units of Old Brick Cleaner machine under construction with Australian Electric Standard specification for our Distributor in Oceania


Brick cleaner cleaning old tiles and aged bricks

Cleaning old beton and hard cement by the bricks

Cleaning 20.000 old bricks from an ancient house

Old brick cleaner machine made in Italy at work in New York (U.S.A.)

Our old brick cleaner and scraper machine at work in a customer yard

Advantages of Paoloni Brick cleaning

  • Vibrating system not dangerous for the operator and his hands;

  • Rapidity of a semi automatic cleaning process: the harder and more cement is attached to the brick, easier and quickly the micro-vibration will detach it effortlessly from the bricks;

  • The machine uses low cost spare parts chisels, which are long lasting and reusable on two sides. Moreover Paoloni gives for free a complete set of spare parts with first machine purchase;

  • You can use it to clean brickwork without damaging it and remove cement from old bricks without breaking;

  • Possibility to work also with 2 or 3 operators per machine simultaneously;

  • The microvibration principle on which the PAOLONI BRICK CLEANER machine is based preserves the used old bricks and does not break them, unlike the effect of a knocking chisel or a hand cleaning that often damage the brick by breaking a large amount of them;

  • The Paoloni vibrating automatic stonemason machine PULISCIMATTONI has a 2 year warranty, that is one more than the CE law regulations;

  • Our Brick Cleaner is robust and reliable and has been in production and on sale all over the world for over 20 years, with huge number of satisfied customers worlwide as evidenced by the videos of our customers freely published on the web from Australia, the United States and other countries of the Europe;

  • Possibility of cleaning bricks, old tiles, recovery stones for building coverings of any type, reducing time and labor costs;

  • The PULISCIMATTONI has 4 legs adjustable in height for any operator size and moves easily thanks to a comfortable lifting eyebolt;

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