Formwork panel cleaning machines

Machines for cleaning construction dismounting panels for modular formworks reinforced concrete system and wooden shuttering cleaning electric equipment

This category of Paoloni machinery is suitable for the maintenance of the yellow panels for modular shuttering formworks for wall and pillars  construction and to clean the planks and beams after dismounting wooden formworks system on building sites.

Traditional plywood formworks systems needs panels to be cleaned, so our machine assure a perfect cement scraping and concrete cleaning by the planks and wooden boards.

Having a machine to clean the yellowplan panels on your building site means preserving 3-ply laminated formwork panel extending their life in order to save money: with the Paoloni construction site wood panel cleaners you will not have to buy new formworks elements but simply clean them from concrete, quickly and without damaging the planks. Thanks to a perfect automatic application of the shuttering oil for formwork, yellow panels will be perfect for many jobs on concrete reinforcements. Many wooden formwork panels often have a melamine coating on the external surfaces that must be preserved.

Other wooden formwork panels have a plastic protective cover: paoloni formwork equipment won't damage them thanks to the adjustables steel blades and special iron scrapers that have a self adaptor to the possibly damaged and irregular surface of the panel edges.

Compact electric building machines paoloni for wooden shuttering formwork systems are a perfect solution but always remember: not to expose panels to direct sun light and store them horizontally!

Paoloni panel cleaning machines are welded, painted and assembled in pesaro, so they have been 100% made in italy products since last 40 years.
Mechanical constructions is made at the paoloni factory in pesaro only with motors, switches, reducers and made in italy components produced expressly with high precision cnc machinery by our specialists.
The paoloni formwork wood cleaning machines allow you to effectively scratch the cement from the planks used in wooden shuttering systems. Our panel cleaners are ideal for brushing and disarming panels and formwork boards dirty of concrete after dismounting reinforced concrete systems.
Various models are available in the paoloni range depending on whether you want to work only with panels or also clean solid boards and solid wooden planks; we also offer combined machines that allow you to treat and clean both boards and panels of every tickness and size.
The paoloni formwork panel equipments have adjustable crumbling rollers, blades and scrapers to scratch the dry concrete away, rotating brushes to clean the wood surface and automatic oilers which use an efficient electric pumps are capable of automatically applying the release dismounting fluid for 3 ply shuttering formworks and regenerating the surface of the panels. Each machine has neoprene vertical spatulas to retain excess of protective oil and put it in filtered recirculation with minimal waste.

The Paoloni machines move on solid tires mounted on metal rims suitable to easily overcome holes and depressions on construction sites, an operation facilitated by the use of comfortable lightening rudders to leverage without effort in positioning operations. Two convenient lifting eyebolts can be used to lift the panel reinforced concrete panels cleaner machines with a forklift or crane to be unloaded from trucks or moved to the construction site.
Each Paoloni machine before delivery is inspected by an expert and tested for at least an hour to check its perfect assembly and functionality once it has reached our customers construction yards.

Paoloni issues CE certifications and guarantees extended two years warranty compared to standard one year required by European legislation.
Control means quality, so often happens that 35 years after purchasing a Paoloni plywood cleaner for modular wall formwork reinforced concrete system many customer'sons still ask us for replacement scrapers for machines purchased by their parents!

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